What’s this Collar Club all about?

tiggerFor pup and pawrent duos, K9 Collar Club outfits you in the coolest gear around. Surprise deliveries bring your dog some good-looking collars to model on the town – a new one every month! Tigger (pictured here) oftentimes sports the distressed bandana look. You will soon have a versatile wardrobe for dogs complete with bow ties, beaded fashions, durable and cleanly-designed leather dog collars, rope styles, bandanas, nylon dog collars, and much more!


Why K9 Collar Club? 

Because we partner with local pet supply vendors and small business owners to bring you your monthly subscription boxes. The Club serves as a platform to showcase their artistry in creating such beautifully crafted, made-with-love products. They’re also supreme pet enthusiasts too…we’re all a special breed!

Besides that, you may be thinking – what do I need that many collars for? A few reasons:

  • dog collars definitely wear over time
  • they can take on a delicious fishy smell (if your dog likes swimming in the ocean)
  • mouthy play can tear them
  • or…maybe you just like having collar designs and options for your dog!

By joining this extended network of dog lovers with your K9 Collar Club membership, you gain easy access to the most stylish fashions on the market, including both domestic and imported designs from Europe and Australia, all the while ever-expanding (#wanderlust).



K9 Collar Club is an extension of Furball Fitness,
bernerbrigadea professional dog walking company servicing San Francisco, CA. That’s me over there with my pups! Berner brigade (and a Doodle)!

I started noticing myself dressing the dogs in different “outfits” every day, as my clients have drawers full of leashes and dog collars to choose from. Monday…red…Tuesday…blue. It made me think – how cool would it be for dogs and their pawrents to have a variety of collar designs at their disposal? …and delivered right to their door, per their pre-selected preferences? Done! So here we are: K9 Collar Club – conceptualized and brought to fruition while walking and picking up poop in the Presidio of San Francisco. Hope you like it!

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